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Whether you have a single plant, or an expertly curated jungle, giving your plants what they need to thrive is an ongoing effort.

We aim to provide support for all levels of plant ownership by offering instruction through in-store
Plant Care Consultations, workshops and events.

“i’m thinking about getting a plant….”

You came to the right place. Visit our Get Plants page for information on the plants we carry, and what to think consider before making a purchase. Like many things, planning ahead is helpful, but if you’re just popping in, our staff can help you out by asking a few questions. 

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Plant Care consultations

Our staff is trained to assist you in selecting plants that are suitable for your space as well as provide you with appropriate care information. After your purchase, we offer complimentary Plant Care Consultations by email or in-person in the shop. If you have questions about your plant, please reach out to us at* or stop by the shop to talk with a staff member.

*When emailing plant-related questions, please try to include an image of the plant overall, and close ups of the area in question.


workshops at niche

Our in-store workshops are a great way to Get Dirty! Workshops are held at our Cambridge location and cover the basics of houseplant care and plant projects.

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All day. Every day. For us, not you. You should live your life and enjoy your plants. 

Read on for our guides on caring for your plant and troubleshooting any issues that come up.
As always, if you are stumped, shoot us an email at Send along any blog ideas or requests as well, and we’ll make our best effort to include it!